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Won’t Let You Go


Lord, I’m scared, I confess, but You called, and my answer is “Yes!”

Peace You give, peace I ask, a patient frame-of-mind for this monumental task

Break me down, Lord, build me back, with whatever good talents I lack

All I ask, Lord, all I pray is for righteous hands and angel wings

To guard my way each day



And I won’t let You go until You bless me, Lord

Persevering by faith towards a great reward

Thought the tempest may rage all around, I know I can cling to You

No, I won’t let You go until You bless me, Lord

When the blink of an eye finds me rightly restored

All the prayers of my heart won’t be long ignored until You

Send Your blessings through


Like my Lord, I’ll be bold, I’ll protect His objectives like gold

I’ll regret just one thing – a squandered opportunity to glorify my King

On this path, I’ll persist, torn by troubles too many to list

But my complaints should be left unsaid

The Son of God Himself had no place to lay His head


For all my life, You’ve held my hand

When what unfolded wasn’t quite what I had planned

So far from home, but not for long

Pour Your Spirit out, dear Lord, keep us inspired and strong

The Story

Persevering through challenges is one of the essential elements of any faithwalk.  Read the Biblical account of Jacob, particularly the wrestling match he finds himself in as recorded in Genesis 32.  Jacob clings {both literally and figuratively} to the hope of redemption with every fiber of his being, earnestly pleading for a blessing {“Won’t Let You Go” . . .}.

Our mission trip was unique in that it followed a tremendous natural disaster.  The unique circumstances of The Great Quake’s aftermath were such that we had to make our travel plans “as best as we could” and then trust God to do the rest required to get us there.  It became an amazing adventure of living faith.  At every turn we faced obstacles and probable delays.  The airline taking us from Minneapolis to Charlotte wouldn’t accept all of our equipment at first {a substantial amount of gear and donated supplies}.  We then prayed earnestly as a team.  Within short order, the airline officials reconsidered and allowed us to take everything we brought with us.

Once we arrived in Miami, we were faced with the suspension of all flights to Port-au-Prince.  A medical-missionaries air network was a possibility, but it would probably mean a delay of days or possibly even weeks {and most of us were operating on limited leave time from our employers}.  Again, we prayed earnestly as a team.  Within hours, we were directed to a private airfield in Ft. Lauderdale which was a staging ground for a network of private aircraft owners {Pilatus} who decided to provide passage for relief workers from Florida to Cap Haitien, Haiti.  Following some hours of prayer and reflection, we were again moving forward.  It was exhilarating.  And it happened again in the Bahamas.  And then again in Cap Haitien.  By the time we arrived in Port-au-Prince, we counted dozens of miraculously answered prayers.  It was an amazing, adventurous affirmation of faith.

Won't Let You Go (Sample)



Guitar / Vocals – Troy Erickson

Bass – Ilan Kaddouch


Percussion – Guri Magen

Drums / Percussion – Jason Meekins


Electric Guitar – Yaki Morad

Mixed / Mastered by Scott Horton (

© Troy Erickson 2017