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Welcome Me


Welcome me . . . into Your Kingdom when You come again triumphantly

Welcome me . . . that blessed moment will reveal Your strength for all to see

Welcome me . . . when can I leave behind this world of tragic circumstance

Welcome me . . . I won’t be looking back, not even for one fleeting glance


Welcome me into Your arms on that blessed holy day

Welcome me into Your Kingdom, Lord, on that blessed day

when I will fly away


Welcome me . . . each waking moment is an opportunity to serve You

Welcome me . . . You gave Your life to serve a people who do not deserve You

Welcome me . . . the fleeting minutes of this present life are quickly gone

Welcome me . . . I greet each setting sun anticipating one last dawn



Welcome me when this long day is done

Oh Father, welcome me when my race has been run

Oh will You welcome me

Lord, my labor of love is to slave for You in the midday sun


Welcome me . . . then as the eagle flies, the saved will rise, forever restored

Welcome me . . . however long it takes, I am Your servant

now and always, Lord

The Story

I wrote this song years before my mission trip to Haiti, so I can’t claim a direct inspirational link to this project.  But it was definitely written to celebrate the joys of service in anticipation of Christ’s return.  I actually remembered the song one day at the orphanage when I was watching a boy I called ‘Walker’.  Perhaps it was that the tempo of the song matched Walker’s pace, but I don’t recall for certain.  

I didn’t even know Walker’s real name at the time.  I just loved to watch him walk up-and-down the central path of the orphanage.  He was pretty mobile for a little guy.  He walked with purpose . . . and that purpose seemed to be to simply arrive at the other end of the compound.  Another team member noticed my fascination, so I cheered “Go, Walker, go!”

Walker’s ‘joie de vivre’ was infectious.  It just . . . made me happy.  If I ever missed my family back in blizzard-bound North Dakota, I just looked around to see if I could spot Walker.  Inevitably, he would break-free from the pack of kids and showcase his trademark Walker-mosey.

I wish I had a videoclip of the phenomena, but I don’t . . . so check-out the attached photos and perhaps you’ll get a sense of Walker walking like only Walker could.

Definitely one of my favorite memories.

I believe he is stateside now.  Hopefully I’ll see him again someday.

Welcome Me (Sample)



Guitar/Vocals – Troy Erickson

Brass – Matt Giella

Bass – Darrien Schottgenhorst

Drums/Percussion – Serge Terentev

Mixed/Mastered by Scott Horton (

Additional Production Consultant: Ashton Dukins

© Troy Erickson 2017