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Straight Up To You


Gone are all the decadent thoughts that left me lost in disbelief

Gone are all the secular plots that took my joy and gave me grief

All my burdens have been erased by Your redeeming death

Now I will worship The Lord my God with each and every breath


And if tomorrow I somehow fail Your test

I will remember how much I have been blessed

And every burden will be confessed straight up to You



Lord, I raise all of my burdens straight up to You

Bring me to truth, blot out my sins, bury my fears

Lord, I raise all of my burdens straight up to You

You died in my place, drown me in Grace, dry all my tears


Angel . . . I beg you to guard my heart, my hands, and my feet

Jesus . . . I pray that You make my mission on this earth complete

Father . . . direct my path as only Your Love can

I am only one fragile, frequently broken man


Gone are all the lingering doubts that kept me angry and confused

Gone are all the stumbling blocks that left my searching spirit bruised

All my weakness has been absorbed by Your eternal strength

Now I can conquer this cold, hard life of undetermined length

The Story

If you watch my launch video {which, I have to say, was awesomely crafted from scrap parts by my good friend and videographer Jeff Achen of CallSign51}, you’ll notice that at one point a world map is the featured image.  The corresponding narration declares that this project “was recorded with the assistance of 35 professional musicians and audio engineers from 17 countries.”

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a nightclerk for the Postal Service, and my wife is a stay-at-home mom to our three children.  We live paycheck-to-paycheck.  We own only one vehicle.  So, how did I swing this?!

The answer is:  Billing itself as “The World’s Largest Collection of Online Services, Starting at $5”, is a modern marketplace MIRACLE – especially so for the low-budget songwriter like myself who aspires to record a high-quality album.  Before fiverr, if anyone wished to hire top sessions musicians for tracking and then have it all professionally mixed and mastered into a studio-quality production, it would’ve easily cost upwards of $50,000 or more, depending on who you included.

AND I INCLUDED SOME AMAZING PROS!!  Check out Sardinian guitar-phenom Roberto Diana’s magnificent fretwork and phrasing on ‘Raindrops On My Tongue’.  Or Eugene Lifschitz’s stunning cello-quartet intro on ‘For Love Of The Ancient Of Days’.  Or Paris-based Israeli bassist Ilan Kaddouch on ‘Straight Up To You’.  I could go on and on and on.  Every musician and engineer who contributed to this project, in fact, was hired via fiverr {with the exceptions of cellist Jade Nisbet and myself}.  Mix engineer Scott Horton was on fiverr when we began collaborating but he soon after transitioned to his own site {}.

When I first became aware of fiverr, I couldn’t believe it was real.  I messaged one vendor, a professional cellist of considerable experience and technique, and asked her if she was really willing to track a cello part for $5.  She responded to the affirmative.  I still couldn’t hardly believe it.  I cautiously placed my order and waited for the response.  I was shocked to receive a production-quality wav file of the cello part I had demo-ed via a programmed bassline, expertly performed and mic-ed .  I was STUNNED, actually.  THIS was a game-changer.  Keep in mind that not all jobs are completed for $5, some gigs will charge multiples for a certain amount of aggregate track-time, and there are many add-ons that can be included.  But, for instance, if you ordered a 3:00 track from a seasoned professional guitarist for $30, you’d still be getting a crazy bargain . . . especially when one considers past studio standards.

So I have to give credit where credit is due – THANK YOU, FIVERR.COM, without you this dream would NOT have come true.

Straight Up To You (Sample)



Additional Guitars / Vocals – Troy Erickson

Bass – Ilan Kaddouch


Brass / Drums / Percussion – Fred Marcoty

Rhythm Guitar / Solo Guitar – Aaron Van Allen

Dilruba – Michael Wheeler


Cello – Yeoh Jung Chin

Mixed / Mastered by Scott Horton (

© Troy Erickson 2017