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Raindrops On My Tongue


He knit me together in my mother’s womb

Human product of The Master Weaver’s loom

And every last numbered hair demonstrates His care,

Every functioning bodypart

From your toes to your steadily-beating heart

One God capable of masterworks like this

Deserves much more than a cold betrayer’s kiss

And so I must testify, now until I die

Of the blood that was shed for me

The forgiveness of Calvary


The only thing left unsaid burns like a match in careless fingers

That I want you, my friend, to spend eternity free, forever young

Until then, allow me to testify to love from on high

And blessings that fall like raindrops on my tongue

Send me anywhere, Lord, on this earthly plane

Metro-avenue or quiet country lane

Wherever you lead, I’ll go, let Your Spirit flow

Like a river of deepest love, bringing blessings of healing and happiness

When those windows of persuasion open wide

May your testimony be a righteous guide

To a measure of perfect peace, constantly increased

Take a walk in His blameless ways all the rest of your earthly days

The Story

The central thought underpinning these lyrics is that when you feel ‘called’ at heart to help, whether it’s in your own backyard, across-the-street, or halfway around the world, YOU GO.  You minister to whatever needs are placed in your path.

As soon as the members of our mission team received the call, it was clear that each had a moment to either embrace or dismiss the thought.  The recipient could either dwell on the negatives of venturing into a dangerous mission field following a mega-catastrophe, full of uncertainty, OR . . . the recipient could simply place all trust in God and go forward in faith, prayerfully receiving challenges at every turn and remaining steadfast in the faith that God will act and move the effort forward.

Once landed, you testify with your actions, your willingness to serve, your demeanor . . . and if there’s an opportunity, you carefully witness with your words.  Above all, simply be God’s healing hands, and communicate God’s love via a generous spirit and a life joyfully-lived.  And blessings will inevitably flow back to you, often appearing in surprising, delightful ways, like catching raindrops on one’s tongue.

Raindrops on My Tongue (Sample)



Vocals – Troy Erickson

Guitars – Roberto Diana

Bass – Andre Lyles

Cello – Jade Nisbet

Drums – Omri Radai

Vocals Mixed by Scott Horton

Instrumentation Mixed by Joel Evenden

Mastered by Scott Horton (

© Troy Erickson 2017