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Purify / Sanctify / Give me wings to fly and a clear blue sky

And when I call Your name, please hear my cry

And purify me

Burn the old / Bring the new

And I will learn to trust everything to You

My meager sacrifice is so long past-due

So purify me


Humble now / Exalted then

Give me times of trial and I will say “Amen!”

My joy will overflow when The Son comes again

So purify me

Make me new, reborn and restored

Create in me a clean heart, oh Lord

You laid Your own life down, now I will pick up Your sword

Now purify me   {Purify me, Lord}


You chose to die, we chose to crucify

Love like Yours is in such short supply

You flow like springs of life while this whole world runs dry

So purify me       {Purify me, Lord}

Take my life, take my pain away

Remake my heart out of eternal clay

Until the sun comes up on Judgment Day

Purify me

The Story

The euphoria of living one’s faith in a particularly pronounced or intense way is one of the brightest joys of any mission trip.  When we finally arrived at the orphanage, we had already had a faith-adventure of the first magnitude, including numerous instances of prayer-conquered obstacles that rose to the level of ‘miraculous’.  Riding that wave as we were, the most-anticipated segment of the experience still lay before us – it was time to meet Haiti’s children, the orphans who were the focal point of the entire mission effort.  And they were absolutely unforgettable.

The wonderful thing about volunteering at an orphanage is that the simplest and most obvious way to help carry the burdens of the long-term employees is to offer to hold a baby so that they can take-a-break and do something else {eat, sleep, etc.}.  Missing my own kids intensely, it was a perfect fix to find a shady corner of the orphanage complex and cuddle up with one of those adorable little ones.

At one point I was given temporary charge over a boy named Simon.  He was a wonderfully peaceful baby.  Simon fell asleep sitting on my leg with my arm wrapped around his waist.  For a time I sat with him and prayed for God to bless his future.  Then I simply enjoyed the moment until Lacey {an orphanage worker from NW Minnesota who had been present during The Great Quake} returned to collect him.

Spending time with those adorable kids was the apex of the entire experience.  It was sheer euphoria.  It made me think of this song, that I had written sometime before, and how when you taste those highs in your faithwalk, you feel so blessed that you forget the stress of challenges completed and you may even entertain an inflated sense of your own ability to deal with future tests {which is acceptable IF we let our confidence rest in Jesus Christ and NOT in our own ‘strength’}.  I reviewed the lyrics of this song in my head and made some tweaks and revisions.

Whether sitting with one of the babies or playing with the more-mobile toddlers and bigger kids, I was reminded of how the company and fellowship of children is a universal human joy and privilege that exists regardless off geography or socio-economic background.

Even in Haiti.


Purify (Sample)



Vocals – Troy Erickson

Bass – Chris Black

Trumpets – Matt Giella


Guitar / Harmony Vocals – Shawn Holton

Additional Vocals – Ellie Jones

Orchestral Strings – Filip Lackovic

Cellos – Eugene Lifschitz

Drums – Jason Meekins

Bass – Paige Parga

Instrumental Mix by Joel Evenden

Vocal Mix / Mastered by Scott Horton (

© Troy Erickson 2017