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Prayer For Port-au-Prince


Father, come near, of Thee I sing

You are my light in everything

Into this field of need I bring my evidence of You

Your joy illuminates my face, each smile a beacon of Thy Grace

Lead me through unfamiliar space like only You can do


Carrying with me seeds of truth, I plant wherever Thou hast moved

Hearts that are open to receive Your endless blessings poured-out free

On everyone who dares to learn of Grace, the gift you cannot earn

Turn war to peace, make hope from fear, Your Holy Spirit in my ear


Jesus, come near, of Thee I sing

You are my Lord-Creator-King

By Thy command, these pilgrim hands will heal some broken hearts

Your joy illuminates my face, each smile a beacon of Thy Grace

May we become more than the sum of individual parts


Father, come near Thy humble slave

Your calm assurances I crave

Lift up this hour each soul to save

Deny the claims of hungry graves

To stem this tide of earthly pain, the sacrificial Lamb was slain

Thy Kingdom come, Thine only Son will reign

The Story

We left Cap-Haitien with a triumphant spirit.  First, we were one of the few parties so blessed to have quickly achieved secure transport for ourselves AND much of our gear, an exceedingly difficult feat at that time.  Additionally, we would finally be reunited with our medical team at our ultimate destination, the ‘Reach Out to Haiti’ orphanage in Bon Repos, located in an outlying section of Port-au-Prince.

But a dull fear also permeated our thoughts, a dread anticipation of what we would actually find in the capitol city.  Presumably, the stench of death would be everywhere.  Destruction of epic proportions would greet us at every turn.  Bodies entombed in pancaked concrete structures.  Shell-shocked survivors desperately working to piece their shattered lives back together.

So the journey from Cap-Haitien to Port-au-Prince, a compelling event in its own right, became an eight-hour season of silent prayer.  Prayer for the orphanage and its staff.  Prayer for the newly-orphaned Haitians of all ages who now roamed the streets in search of food, water, and shelter.  Prayers especially for the survivors who sustained significant injuries.  Prayers for more survivors to be pulled from the rubble, if that were even possible at that point.

As we passed through the mountains, we stopped to buy fruit from ladies whose enterprise was to sell produce to travelers passing through.  We were delighted by how many grapefruit we were able to purchase with just a few dollars.  A vendor handed me a huge bowl, filled to overflowing, through the side window of our van. Then I was handed a second overflowing bowl of fruit!  With no remaining cargo-space in our already over-stuffed van, I poured the grapefruit out on the floor.  The wonderful fragrance of fresh citrus kept me pacified for the rest of our journey.

We encountered the city of Gonaives about one-third of the way through our journey.  Our driver, Ivan, informed us that Hurricane Jeanne caused devastating mudslides in Gonaives back in 2004.  This prompted us to reflect on the astounding succession of disasters that Haitians have endured – hurricanes, earthquakes, mudslides, tropical storms, poverty, corruption, malaria, malnutrition, etc.

It gave us a deeper respect and admiration for the precious, persevering people of Haiti.

Prayer For Port-au-Prince (Sample)



Rhythm Guitars / Vocals – Troy Erickson

Lapsteel Guitar – Roberto Diana


Bass – Ilan Kaddouch


Lead Guitar – Yaki Morad


Cello – Anat Nevo


Mixed / Mastered by Scott Horton (

© Troy Erickson 2017