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Lead Me


Days turn into weeks and months turn into years

All along the way, Your blessings wait for me

And as each quiet miracle of life appears

I dedicate myself anew to love You carefully


Painful lessons have been learned from time-to-time

But not without sincere reflection and regret

Trials and tribulations offer obstacles to climb

But Your protective Spirit has not left me lonely yet



Lead me where You need me

And I will lose myself to win Your heart completely

This soul has just one goal

To be Spirit-led by The One who bled for me


Day and night, Your guiding light precedes my feet

Leading me down special paths prepared for me

Spending every precious breath confessing Him whose blessed death

Secured eternity for all humanity


In my meditative hours, I ponder Your Return

Wondering when this age will expire

Meeting my Redeemer in the snow-white clouds of glory

Is my one desire, oh Desire of Ages


To be heaven-bound with The King who crowned me

The Story

Finally the hour arrived for us to witness Port-au-Prince with our own eyes.  We rolled into an outlying suburb as the sun began to set low on the horizon.  Everywhere we looked, people were gathered together.  Streetside-kitchen operators cooked chicken and vegetables on huge outdoor grills.  Eventually we came to our designated rendezvous point to meet an orphanage representative who would guide us along the final leg of our expedition.  This meeting was also designed to ensure that we were legitimate friends of the organization, rather than opportunistic plunderers who might raid the orphanage’s limited supplies.  Our spirits soared as we anticipated being reunited with the rest of our team.

Finally we arrived at the orphanage.  We were greeted with shouts of joy.  Everyone embraced.  Something that had seemed so simple to us as we planned our venture back in quiet, wintry North Dakota, had become the epic journey of our lives.  We had no clue how complicated it would actually be in reality.  We were beside ourselves with thankfulness.

We shared our stories until sheer exhaustion overtook us.

And the following day, we knew, we would finally get to spend time with Haiti’s precious children.

Lead Me (Sample)



Vocals / Guitar – Troy Erickson

Trumpets – Matt Giella


Drums / Percussion – Scott Horton

Cello – Anat Nevo

Bass – Tony Sidari

Mixed / Mastered by Scott Horton (

© Troy Erickson 2017