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And Faith Is


Sometimes this world can be so unnerving

Tears fall and my patience is nearly gone

Build me, Lord, to be a fortress of faithfulness

Make me a cedar of Lebanon

Sunlight comes like a thief to my window

Time flies with precious little to show

But just one prayer gives me a new opportunity

To give and gather and grow

Passion must be connected to purpose

Purpose must be directed to God

Human beings needed a Savior to intercede

On a cold, hard cross


And faith is so much more than letting You care for me

All the blessings You employ fill me with eternal joy

And though my heart may know distress

I will venture no second guess

Faith in You is nothing less than everything to me

Moses became a shepherd of millions

Joseph governed a powerful nation

But without the faith of Jacob, Isaac, and Abraham

No one could cling to salvation

Passion must be connected to patience

Patience must be directed to prayer

Human beings can have eternal serenity

If they have true faith to share

The Story

We had significant time for reflection while we waited in Cap-Haitien.  We walked around the grounds of the compound.  We played a little basketball.  We spoke with other visitors staying at the guesthouse.  At some point, Wilbert’s wife Meg drove us around Cap-Haitien to have a look at the city.  When we came to a prominent intersection, she informed us that if we turned there, we would be on the road to Port-au-Prince.  Sitting shotgun, I jokingly placed my left hand on the steering wheel and pretended to guide the vehicle towards Port-au-Prince.  After all, it was only a distance of approximately 150 miles – a journey that would take a mere two hours if we were back in the U.S.

But the highway between Cap-Haitien and Port-au-Prince is perhaps one of the most unique stretches of road in the Western Hemisphere.  To begin with, it has numerous potholes of various sizes, some of which will simply give your vehicle a good jolt when you cross them, and some which are so expansive that you have to ease your vehicle down into them, drive through them, then gun your engine a bit to make it back out.  That’s not an exaggeration.  The ragged road conditions combined with the heightened volumes of traffic on that stretch following The Great Quake meant that the trip would not take merely two hours, but approximately six or seven hours . . . or more. Plus, we needed a larger vehicle with more cargo space to accommodate all our gear and supplies.

We returned to the guesthouse to relax for awhile.  I decided to spend some tranquil time relaxing outside and reading from the book of Psalms.  I began to think about how travel sometimes factors into dramatic and meaningful faith experiences.  When you’re going about life as normal in your home-setting, slogging through the mundane cycle of eat-sleep-work-etc., it’s easy to fall into a rut of relative faith-inactivity coupled with a sort of detached dependence upon God.  Mission experiences, however, can blast you out of that rut and force you to devote more of your hours purely to the Lord’s service.  And travel experiences can be a particularly intense form of that phenomena, what with conditions of diminished safety and various other uncertainties.  It made me think of Moses as he labored to free the Israelites from Pharaoh, as well as the ensuing 40-year sojourn in the wilderness.  I also thought of Joseph and how he made the most of his time in a strange place, and how he eventually rose to become an agent of deliverance for much of that region of the world.

And Faith Is (Sample)



Guitar – Brynjar Boe

Vocals – Troy Erickson

Cello – Evan Graine

Harmony / Background Vocals – Ellie Jones

Electric Bass – Ilan Kaddouch

Drums / Percussion – Kyle May

Ukelele – Yaki Morad

Upright Bass – Silvano Pagliuca-Mena

Mixed / Mastered by Scott Horton (

© Troy Erickson 2017