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North Dakota

by troy erickson

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“You are not forgotten”
Dedicated to

Lt. Roger Winston Erickson

The year was 1942. A farmboy from the heart of North Dakota was called to war. Trained to pilot B-17 bombers, he rose to squadron leader and ultimately wing commander. He captained 20 successful missions across the European theater. Then one fateful day, he volunteered to lead a bombing run on behalf of a fellow pilot who had fallen ill. “You Are Not Forgotten” commemorates the heroic sacrifice of 1st Lieutenant Roger Winston Erickson. Watch the video to see footage of the homestead where he was born and raised.

troy erickson

Christian. Husband. Father of 3. Patriotic American. Proud North Dakotan. Songwriter. Arborist. Country-acreage homesteader. 



“Come Soon, Jesus.”